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Tutorial home

The major development of GuppY, with version 5.0, inevitably leads to significant changes in the skins. At first glance, they may appear more complex, but once you start to get used to the extraordinary potential just waiting to be operated on quickly enough measurement!

I will not present all the possibilities here (it's impossible), but I'll try to detail what seems to be the key to understanding, so that you can explore for yourself the full range that opens you to dress your Guppy.

Skins on version 4.6, I think it is easier (and wiser) to completely rebuild to suit version 5.0. This will have the advantage of allowing you to focus on the "technical" part since you already know what look you want.

Be patient with yourself and take time to get acquainted with this new style!

Notable changes will be detailed in this section:

  • The site header (#TopBoxes) which is constructed as a grid of rows and 3 columns
  • 2 boxes above the central part (#AboveBoxes)
  • 2 boxes under the central part (#UnderBoxes)
  • The bottom of the site (#BottomBoxes) which is constructed as a grid of rows and 3 columns
  • The page footer (#Footer)
  • Boxes homepage (#EditoBoxes) grid also: rows and 3 columns
  • Each box can now be customized
  • The secondary configurations (in BOX SET) to configure several sections of the site with different assemblies boxes
  • The use of jQuery (images that scroll, tabs, accordions): a different style can be associated with each
  • The blog
  • The forum
  • The breadcumb
  • The printing box
  • The simplified search box
  • The keywords down the articles
  • Dropdown menu

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